Joel Bates, M.D.

Program Director (Family Medicine)

Dr. Bates has been involved in medical education for nearly 20 years working as a program director for the past twelve. In his own practice, he focuses on working with a diverse population of patients from newborns to senior care. He enjoys making connections and providing care for an entire family. He has served on the board of the MAOFP (Michigan Osteopathic Association of Family Physicians) for the past 10 years and is the immediate past president.


Amanda Matthews, M.D.

Associate Program Director (Family Medicine)

Dr. Amanda Mathews grew up in Dubuque, Iowa and attended Loyola University Chicago. She graduated from The University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine in 2008 and then completed her residency in Family Medicine at Ventura County Medical Center in 2011.


Laura Hannon, M.D., FAAFP

Core Faculty (Family Medicine)

Dr. Laura Hannon is a Northwest Indiana native, she attended Anderson University and completed medical school at Indiana University. Her residency was completed at Memorial Family Medicine residency in South Bend, Indiana, and she has been practicing for the last 16 years in the rural community of New Carlisle, Indiana, and she recently completed an AAFP Leading Physician Well-Being Certification.


Rylee Catlin

Program Coordinator (Family Medicine)

Rylee Catlin grew up in the Valparaiso, Indiana area. She graduated from Purdue University Northwest with a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management. Rylee wanted to pursue Human Resources because she has a passion for people, and wanted to be in a position where she could advocate for and create a better work environment for her employees.


Aaysha Kapila, M.D.

Program Director (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Aaysha Kapila’s remarkable journey in the field of medicine began at Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences. Her passion for healing and her pursuit of knowledge led her down a path that would take her across borders and into the hearts of patients worldwide.


Shaun Mehdi, D.O.

Associate Program Director (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Shaun Mehdi grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois.


Kailash Bajaj, M.D.

Core Faculty (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Kailash Bajaj is a dedicated medical professional with a diverse and accomplished career. He began his journey in the field of medicine at KMC, Manipal, India, where he completed his medical school education. In pursuit of further expertise, he made the significant move to the United States in 2005, enrolling at East Tennessee State University for a master’s degree in public health.


Thalia Kamel, M.D.

Core Faculty (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Thalia Kamel is a native of Canada, fluent in four languages, and brings a diverse cultural perspective, enhancing the richness of our programs’ educational environment. Having completed her residency at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago, she embodies a commitment to excellence in medical education and patient care.


Harpreet Singh, M.D.

Core Faculty (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Harpreet Singh is a distinguished practitioner in internal medicine, specializing in hospital-based care.


Sangeeta Sehgal, M.D.

Core Faculty (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Sehgal is a board-certified internist specializing in general and preventive medicine.


Teaching Faculty

Sandeep Sehgal, M.D.
Subspecialty Education Coordinator, Cardiovascular Diseases

Zaid Shakir, M.D.
Subspecialty Education Coordinator, Critical Care Medicine

Mehul Vora, M.D.
Subspecialty Education Coordinator, EnD.O.

Anish Chopra, M.D.
Subspecialty Education Coordinator, Gastroenterology

Anas Souqiyyeh, M.D.
Subspecialty Education Coordinator, Geriatrics

Tareq Braik, M.D.
Subspecialty Education Coordinator, Hematology & Medical Oncology

Erika Young, D.O.
Subspecialty Education Coordinator, Infectious Diseases

A.J. Pampalone, D.O.
Subspecialty Education Coordinator, Nephrology

Douglas Mazurek, M.D.
Subspecialty Education Coordinator, Pulmonary Medicine

William Kcomt, M.D.
Subspecialty Education Coordinator, Rheumatology

Leah Osorio, M.D.
Teaching Faculty, Family Medicine

Ephphatha Malden, BA, MSW
Teaching Faculty, Behavioral Health & Addiction

Fahd Abdullah Syed, M.D., MPH
Teaching Faculty, Cardiology

Timothy Hamburg, D.O.
Teaching Faculty, Emergency Medicine

Michael Woods, M.D.
Teaching Faculty, Emergency Medicine

Anish Chopra, M.D.
Teaching Faculty, Gastroenterology

John Kelly, M.D.
Teaching Faculty, Geriatric Medicine

Blake Hood, D.O.
Teaching Faculty, General Surgery

Elizabeth Rutherford, M.D.
Teaching Faculty, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Anthony Levendra, M.D.
Teaching Faculty, Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Rosario Chua, M.D.
Teaching Faculty, Pediatrics

Usama Moustafa, M.D.
Teaching Faculty, Pediatrics

Maria Stamp, M.D.
Teaching Faculty, Population Health

Omar Barakat, D.O.
Teaching Faculty, Radiology

Husam Baki, M.D.
Teaching Faculty, Rural Health

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