Harpreet Singh, M.D.

Dr. Harpreet Singh is a distinguished practitioner in internal medicine, specializing in hospital-based care. He completed his residency at the esteemed Grand Rapids Michigan State University Internal Medicine residency program. Dr. Singh’s professional journey spans eighteen years of dedicated service as an Internal Medicine physician, of which seven were primarily in a primary care setting. Beyond his clinical expertise, Dr. Singh has made significant contributions to medical education. He not only developed, but also imparted instruction in the USMLE Clinical Skills course, further enhancing the skills of future medical professionals. He also authored the “Road to USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills”, which has been instrumental in guiding aspiring medical students.

Dr. Singh is renowned for his innovative approach to healthcare improvement, employing the GEMBA strategy – a methodology borrowed from Toyota’s principles of efficiency. He passionately believes that healthcare challenges originate at the patient’s bedside and resolving them necessitates a hands-on approach at the very source. His dedication to enhancing the patient’s experience is notably corroborated by the positive patient testimonials he consistently receives. To further underscore his commitment to improving patient outcomes, Dr. Singh also authored the “Vital Checklist”, presenting a comprehensive strategy for elevating the patient’s experience. Central to his philosophy is the belief that patient education is the cornerstone of a favorable healthcare journey.

In pursuit of this objective, he hosted the informative radio show “Talk Medicine” from 2017 to 2019. In addition to his clinical and educational endeavors, Dr. Singh actively participates in critical healthcare committees, including the peer-to-peer review committee and the Pharmacy & Therapeutics committee. His involvement in these initiatives demonstrates his dedication to shaping the future of healthcare through collaboration and continuous improvement.

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