Aaysha Kapila, M.D.

Dr. Aaysha Kapila’s remarkable journey in the field of medicine began at Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences. Her passion for healing and her pursuit of knowledge led her down a path that would take her across borders and into the hearts of patients worldwide. After earning her medical degree, Dr. Kapila embarked on her career as a junior medical officer, working diligently at Apollo and Civil Hospitals in Punjab, India. It was during this time that fate intervened, and she crossed paths with her future husband, a fellow medical professional. Together, they set their sights on new horizons and decided to move to the United States in 2010.

In the U.S., Dr. Kapila wasted no time in pursuing her medical aspirations. She undertook her residency training in internal medicine at East Tennessee State University, where she honed her clinical skills and thirst for knowledge. Driven by a passion for research, she delved into various medical specialties, producing original scientific research papers that found their way into prestigious journals. Her expertise also led her to write a compelling book chapter on celiac disease and present her research findings at numerous conferences. Upon completing her residency, Dr. Kapila took on the role of an assistant professor of medicine and clerkship director at Quillen College of Medicine. Her dedication to academic excellence was further demonstrated by her service as a scientific peer reviewer for prominent international academic journals. It was her outstanding contributions in both research and clinical practice that earned her the recognition and privilege of a scholarship green card.

In recent years, Dr. Aaysha Kapila has assumed the pivotal position of Internal Medicine Program Director at Northwest Health – Porter. Her commitment to medical education and patient care has led her to collaborate with organizations like CHS and ACGME, striving to secure internal medicine residency approval. Alongside her administrative duties, she continues to be effective as a hospitalist in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland areas, providing high-quality medical care to her patients.

Beyond her demanding professional life, Dr. Kapila finds joy in a variety of interests. Cooking, staying active through regular workouts, indulging in some well-deserved relaxation by watching TV, and most importantly, spending quality time with her husband and children are cherished aspects of her life outside of the hospital walls. Dr. Aaysha Kapila’s life story is a testament to the power of dedication, passion, and the pursuit of excellence in the world of medicine. Her unwavering commitment to both her patients and the field of medicine itself is a source of inspiration for all who have the privilege of knowing her.

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