Thalia Kamel, M.D.

Dr. Thalia Kamel is a native of Canada, is fluent in four languages and brings a diverse cultural perspective, enhancing the richness of our programs’ educational environment. Having completed her residency at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago, she embodies a commitment to excellence in medical education and patient care.

Dr. Kamel’s dedication extends beyond clinical practice to the mentorship and teaching of residents. With a passion for resident education, she hopes to foster an environment of growth and learning, nurturing the next generation of physicians. Outside of medicine, Dr. Kamel prioritizes spending quality time with her husband and their two children, exemplifying the importance of work-life balance and wellness in medical practice.

In addition to her professional and personal pursuits, Dr. Kamel finds joy in exploring Chicago’s vibrant culinary scene, frequently seeking out new restaurants to indulge her palate. Her passion for travel further enriches her perspective, offering valuable insights into diverse cultures.

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