Family Medicine Residents

Sarah Elassal, M.D.

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Medical School: Caribbean Medical University School of Medicine (Willemstad, Curacao)
Favorite City: Houston or Santo Domingo
Favorite Genre of Music: tbh literally anything except country or screamo
Favorite Musician: Shaquille O’Neal
Favorite Book: Anything by Paulo Coelho
Favorite Part of this Program: The environment! Everyone is so nice. Attendings are all eager and willing to teach, and Dr. Bates is the best PD!

My goal as a physician is to become a clinical expert in the realm of whole-patient healthcare, a champion for preventative care, and a cultural liaison to bridge the gap between a diverse body of patients and access to an ever-complex healthcare system. I’m confident that my training at the HealthLinc clinic and Northwest Hospital under the countless brilliant, knowledgeable, and compassionate attending physicians will provide me with the foundation, knowledge, and resources I need to become a community leader to improve the quality of life for all my future patients through lifestyle changes, early interventions, and disease prevention.

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